a day after the first announcement

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a day after the first announcement

Messagede rsgoldfastcom » Ven Déc 07, 2018 07:42

Just a day after the first announcement, Ubisoft shared the following article on the match's OSRS Gold subreddit to say the decision to take out the content had been reconsidered and ultimate scrapped.

"Following the statement about the Summer Sale and content accessibility update, we wish to thank for your feedback and give you an upgrade," the second RS announcement said. "With all this comments and after reevaluating our plans, our team has decided to maintain the material in the RS game and not draw the items and the sale will continue as planned until July 19th."

A much better explanation for why the elimination was planned in the first area was also awarded. The aim was to move items which were at least two months old into an"on turning" availability, so all of the recent items are protected from elimination. Executions were also a point of concern given that they affect RS gameplay too.

"One element that we had overlooked was the standing of the executions because they have a Buy RS Gold play component. Thank you for pointing this out because it was true unfair and in almost any scenario would happen to be altered based on your comments." The RS summertime is still on for the next two weeks, but all the articles you've seen before will stay in the match.
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Re: a day after the first announcement

Messagede Erin D. » Mer Jan 02, 2019 08:01

Well, this case is very suspected, everyone is talking about this case nowadays. But thanks to you for highlighting this trustmypaper.com review issue here. Do let us know about the updates please with the passage of time.
Erin D.
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