To enhance and customize Alexios or mmogdp

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To enhance and customize Alexios or mmogdp

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To enhance and customize Alexios or Kassandra from MMOGDP you are going to make use of maplestory2 mesos a skill tree divide into three classes: Hunter, Warrior, and Assassin. The three branches permit you to devote skill points you get on new skills and enhancements for bow, melee, and stealth battle. Four abilities can be mapped into the face buttons of your controller at any one time, giving you the capacity to pull some mortal tricks when you're getting overwhelmed in a duel.

Progression isn't limited to your personality, however. Which mercenaries decide to come once you may depend on your connection with the Athenians and the Spartans -- you can try to work with both of them, but focusing too heavily on one or the other will lead to conflict to erupt.Make Loot With Conquest Battles

As a mercenary, you are a soldier for hire in the war between Sparta and Athens and can use this to your benefit. Every region is commanded by one of the two factions. You will first have to reduce the occupying nation's traction by burning War Supplies, pillaging nation chests, killing their soldiers, and assassinating their chief. Once you've reduced enough, a conquest battle becomes available. It's possible to fight for either side by visiting their camp. It's true, you can side with the military whose supplies you just spent the mmogdp past couple of hours burning down--I guess they are a forgiving bunch. Siding with the defending army presents you one piece of Epic equipment, while siding with the invading army nets you two pieces of Epic equipment, but the battle will be more demanding. In our experience it is always worth siding with an military for that excess loot.

When engaging in the battle itself, always keep an eye out on the two meters up top and be sure that you're staying ahead. It's ideal to ignore the basic soldiers and revolve around the captains and hero units who show up since removing them is the fastest way to win. Due to how readily multiple soldiers may overwhelm you, it is a good idea to select abilities that deal damage to multiple enemies at the same time, like Rain of Destruction.
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