Avon Collects a Newsletter in 30 Minutes According to a Temp

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Avon Collects a Newsletter in 30 Minutes According to a Temp

Postby lisa511 » Wed Jan 25, 2023 05:28

We will tell you how Avon marketers and agency specialists reduced the time and money spent on preparing standard emails using a universal email constructor. Avon is a well-known manufacturer and retailer of cosmetics, perfumes, hygiene products and household goods. Site traffic 1.3 million users per month. Why template. The cost of creating an email letter on the market is 25,000 rubles. This is because the letter is created by three specialists - a content marketer, a designer and a technical specialist. The first one develops the terms of reference, comes up with content for distribution. The second design and typeset. The third one tests the correct display of the letter and configures the sending.

This format of work is suitable for creative letters or for working out new tasks - those that require unusual layout and original design. Generic emails are faster and cheaper to assemble using a generic Lebanon Phone Number List template in code. Who is the template for? A company whose goal is to optimize the production of letters, but not lose in performance. The template helps in creating standard letters: promotional mailings, product selections. Project tasks . Help the project marketer to reduce the time for preparing standard letters, reduce the cost of creating one letter for the company. What did they do. We developed a master template that is adaptive on all devices and mailers. An example of letters that a marketer created using a template The template was created in design, then laid out in html code.


What's in it: 30 letter blocks, some of them do not change in all letters: header, prefooter, footer. repeating email blocks, the content of which changes slightly: the main banner, product collections, categories, banners in the body of the email. Comments inside the code for each block: where it is in the letter and when to use it. This helps the marketer to quickly find the elements and layout the newsletter. Result. A marketer on the Avon project closes all tasks for mass mailings on his own, typesetting them in code. This reduced the time to prepare the mailing by 3 times and reduced the cost of the email channel by 3 times.
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